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Ichraq's Diamonds

The four Cs of Diamonds

Please use our interactive GIA 4Cs tool to learn more about each!

The Three kinds of diamonds

CVD: A man-made diamond grown in a lab and they rely on a special process called chemical vapor deposition or (CVD)

Lab: lab diamonds are produced by a manufacturing process. a lab grown diamond is the same material as a natural diamonds with pure carbon and crystallized in an isotropic 3D form. The lab and CVD diamonds are lower in cost and worth less money than a natural diamond.

Natural: natural diamonds are made from carbon and its the hardest natural known substance on earth' it takes billions of years to form deep beneath the earths surface at least 85 miles below the ground under a natural conditions of high pressure and high temperature (HPHT). 

OUR DIAMONDS: are sourced and cut in India to ensure they are conflict free and ethically sourced. 

Understanding diamonds is one of the most important steps before purchasing jewelry to ensure you are receiving exceptional quality. At Ichraqs Jewelry LLC we always ensure that any diamond over 0.75 carats are GIA graded/certified. The diamonds that we buy Are D-F color, Excellent-Very Good cut, Flawless to VS2 clarity diamonds.

Q: What does this all mean?

A: We only accept high quality, ethically sourced diamonds that are worth your money.