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Welcome to "Ichraq's Lab" by Ichraq's Jewelry, where we blend the timeless elegance of our high-end luxury brand with the modern innovation of lab-created diamonds. This exclusive collection upholds the same esteemed quality and aesthetic of Ichraq's Jewelry but at more accessible prices, featuring ethically crafted, lab-grown diamonds that rival the beauty and brilliance of natural stones. Here, luxury and sustainability unite, offering a sophisticated and responsible choice for the discerning connoisseur. "Ichraq's Lab" is a celebration of ethical elegance, inviting you to experience the allure of fine jewelry that is both exquisite and conscientiously made.

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A L'Infini Engagement Ring (Lab Diamond)A L'Infini Engagement Ring (Lab Diamond)
A L'Infini Engagement Ring (Lab Diamond) Sale priceFrom $3,420.00 USD
Fleur De Lys Ring (Lab Diamond)Fleur De Lys Ring (Lab Diamond)
Fleur De Lys Ring (Lab Diamond) Sale priceFrom $3,400.00 USD
La Princesse Engagement Ring (Lab Diamond)La Princesse Engagement Ring (Lab Diamond)
La Princesse Engagement Ring (Lab Diamond) Sale priceFrom $2,650.00 USD
La Reine Engagement Ring (Lab Diamond)La Reine Engagement Ring (Lab Diamond)
La Reine Engagement Ring (Lab Diamond) Sale priceFrom $3,700.00 USD
L’Éclat Eternel Engagement Set (Lab Diamond)L’Éclat Eternel Engagement Set (Lab Diamond)